Choosing Our Fabrics

Picking the right fabric is the foundation of every piece of clothing we produce. Leisurewear is unique in its need to drape effortlessly and feel soft-to-touch, but at the same time withstand the wear and tear inherent to travel.

To fulfill such broad utility, we work with partners that specialize in their trade and reliably produce a quality product. And in our selection process, we opt not just for the highest grade fabrics, but the right one for a particular purpose.

Careful Attention To Detail

Accents are one of the oft-most overlooked aspects of clothing. We firmly believe that choosing the right trims adds an essential bit of character to tie together a look.

Our swim shorts, for example, feature Zamak drawcord tips chosen for their rust-resistance, a tonal and slightly thicker drawcord, as well as Corozo buttons, derived from the seeds of Tagua trees. Thoughtfulness and care go into every input, and we think of the details as another opportunity to get a little creative.

Construction & Fit

This tends to be the most time consuming step in our development process. Clothes that wear well by the water, but can then take you to dinner, must strike a delicate balance. 

In that vein, we aim for an air of relaxation that doesn’t take away from a sophisticated cut. Never a tight fit, but one might wonder if you hit the tailor. And yes, we’re serious about our materials, but what would it matter if it's not comfortable the moment you put it on?